Guidelines for Transferring Business Owned Life Insurance

There are several reasons a business may want to transfer ownership of a business or corporate-owned life insurance policy.

Before changing the ownership it is important to know the policy’s fair market value, understand any tax issues that may exist upon transferring ownership, and the best way to distribute the policy.

2018 Whole Life Insurance Dividend Rate Annoucements

Most insurance companies have announced their 2018 whole life insurance dividend rate and payout for the upcoming year.

This years announcement is trending with continued declines in declared dividend rates for most companies. Some companies have made it easy to learn what the dividend rate will be for the upcoming year. Others, prefer to hide the information or just not publish it at all.

Northwestern Mutual Struggles Continue – Should Policy Owners be Worried?

Northwestern Mutual announces they will be laying off hundreds of employees by March 31, 2017.

This announcement comes a few months after Northwestern Mutual announced they will be reducing their dividend scale interest rate by more than 8-percent for all Northwestern Mutual dividend based insurance products.