life insurance consulting firm


Mericle & Company is a leading life insurance consulting firm.

By providing comprehensive, independent and objective advice we are dedicated to helping our clients and their advisors achieve the most optimal current and future planning results.

We understand life insurance is more than a numbers game – it is a highly personal and emotional decision that can make or break your family’s financial future.

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re looking for coverage to make sure your family is protected if something happens to you, or if you’re worth $1 billion and are worried about paying estate taxes.

We do our best to understand what it is important to you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Only then can we begin to create a carefully designed plan focused on a solution for you.

Some of our competitors would like you to believe they are the same way. Trust us when we say they are not. They simply want to get through the meeting so they can present their solution – not your solution.

We are Carrier Independent – Not Carrier Interdependent.

Being independent allows us to obtain the most favorable policies at the most competitive pricing available – even for hard-to-insure individuals.

With access to a majority of the life insurance companies operating in the United States, we are able to develop and deliver solutions based on your current needs and future goals.

If the “right” solution doesn’t exist at one carrier, we’ll just go to the next one (or all of them) until we find a company and product that does.

We believe Independent Thinking is as important as being Carrier Independent.

Life insurance carriers and a lot of life insurance agents are going to cringe when we say this. But, we have something very important to tell you. Despite what most people in the life insurance industry think…

Not everybody needs a permanent life insurance policy.

It is more important to have the proper amount of coverage then it is to buy a permanent policy based on how much premium you can afford to pay.

Furthermore, there are a lot of creative people coming up with new and different ways for people to buy life insurance every day (especially if you are a high net worth individual).

We are consistently among the first to hear about new tax and insurance ideas – the majority of which are not suitable for our clients because they are either poorly conceived or highly risky.

The good news is, we also hear about new ideas that are both conservative and powerful and be tremendously beneficial for the right person. There is no one size fits all.

If you’re considering new coverage, been presented an idea that involves life insurance, or need to review your existing coverage we would consider it a privilege to speak with you.