The Flexibility and Benefits of Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is the most flexible and inexpensive way for individuals to secure permanent life insurance coverage with cash accumulation.

Policy owners are able to adjust premiums and death benefits to meet their specific needs.

Northwestern Mutual Struggles Continue – Should Policy Owners be Worried?

Northwestern Mutual announces they will be laying off hundreds of employees by March 31, 2017.

This announcement comes a few months after Northwestern Mutual announced they will be reducing their dividend scale interest rate by more than 8-percent for all Northwestern Mutual dividend based insurance products.

Life Insurance and Estate Planning: A Look Into A Post-Election Crystal Ball

Every election cycle creates uncertainty for the life insurance and estate planning industries. People needing one or both planning tools often hold off on making any decisions until the election has ended.

If we have learned anything about estate taxes it is to expect the unexpected – regardless of who is in office.

Life Settlement vs. Surrendering Your Life Insurance Policy

A life settlement is a transaction where an existing life insurance policy is sold to a third-party for fair market value.

While some people may grimace at the idea of having somebody else own an insurance policy on their lives, others will gladly accept the risk based on how much a buyer may be willing to pay to own the policy.